Meet the Trainers

Kari Baker

     I am a Army Veteran of 23 years. I have always had a love for animals and grew up with them.  I have been breeding for four years and realized how important it was to know more about dogs besides how to whelp puppies and a few basic obedience commands.  With some encouragement from my husband I decided to attend the School for Dog Trainers.  At Highland Canine Training, LLC, I graduated from their 6 month long  Master Dog Trainer Course.  Where I learned a huge variety of subjects  from the language of dogs, breeds, obedience, Service Dog tasks, behavior analysis to  detection and apprehension to name a few.  

     One of the many benefits from attending  school is the amount of hands on training I received and the large number of different dogs I was able to work with.  I am proud to be a certified master dog trainer and I am excited to help dogs and their families to better understand each other.


Shontee Jefferson

     I am an United States Army Veteran that has a passion for dogs.  I have experience in breeding and training in a variety of breeds.  I wanted to  get a full understanding and communicate with my dogs better.  I then decided to attend Highland Canine Training LLC.  During the Master Trainer Program, I learned to identify dog postures, behavior problems, testing and selection of dogs, and how dogs learn and so much more.

     As a Certified Master Dog Trainer at Fronte Unito I offer a variety of dog training programs for owners seeking help to modify and rehabilitate problematic dogs. An obedient dog is a happy dog! 


Training Services Provided

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Confirmation Services

Confirmation Training

Confirmation training is for those who would like to prepare their dog for the show ring.  The breed I teach and handle for conformation is the Cane Corso.  

  • 1 hour $25
  • 1 week  $175

Confirmation Handling

Ring side pick up is when you meet me at the show.  You need to have your dog there at least 30 minutes prior to show time.  Transport is when you I take your dog to the show myself.  Depending on the show times  the dog may have to stay with me at my home the night prior.

  • Ringside Pick up $100 per day
  • Transport $130 per day

Working Down/Stay out in publc

Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs

Making People Smile

Our Therapy Dog class will teach dogs and their owners the fundamentals of Therapy Dog work.  Dogs must have had a prior basic obedience class and if not we can add that in before we start the therapy fundamentals.  If you and your dog are looking to visit places that will benefit from you and your dog this is the program for you.  Lets make people smile!!


Our Service Dog program is designed to train your dog that already lives in your home.  We will test and evaluate your dog for free. Some of the tasks that may need to be performed are:

  • open/close cabinets or doors
  • retrieve items
  • turn on/off light switches
  • bracing or wheelchair assistance
  • etc 

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